Endless Summer

Introducing... A Sweater
Our latest collection, Endless Summer, embodies the transition between seasons. It offers a way to hold on to the spirit of summer for just little bit longer. 
"I hold a special place in my heart for the Hamptons. This might be confusing if you know I grew up in Aspen, but it's very nostalgic for me. Right after I was born in LA, my parents went back East (where they are originally from) and spent the summer in the Hamptons. My mom frequently reminisces on her daily beach walks with me in the baby carrier. I slept the entire walk and would only wake up when she came back to the house. I think the love affair started then. 
I grew up spending summers there and then continued to do so when I lived in the city after college. It wasn't about the scene for me, but about the scenic drives. The smell that reminded me of summer camp. The farm fresh food and home cooked meals. The surf lessons. The beach. The lobster shacks. The campfires. The family I stayed with. The friends that felt like family. Like I said, it holds a special place in my heart, having so many fond memories. So when it came time to launch my first collection in a new category, I wanted to capture that never ending summer vibe. The carefreeness of summer doesn't just have to live in the summer months. We can carry it with us all year and it keeps us warm until next summer."
Xx, Alexa