Anastasia Ganias

Anastasia Ganias (aka Fancy Peasant) is a gem. I have had the privilege of having one of her home cooked meals and I don't think I ever recovered. If vegetables always taste that good I would gladly give up meat! She has a real gift. She also has a special vibe radiating from deep inside. She just exudes sunshine. I now exclusively cook with her olive oil and plan to add her vinegars to the rotation as well. Now if only I could cook like her! Fellow mom of three and running a business makes this beauty this month's Baller.

fun stuff

A: Gold.

A: Earrings. Over bracelets, rings & necklaces.

A: Food is medicine. Everything in moderation.

A. Strawberry shortcake.

A: Chimpanzee.

A: Lip gloss.

meaningful q's

A: My children, my husband, fellow female entrepreneurs, music, art, film and food.

A: I'm a true gemini - adaptable, communicative, and astute.

A: I was an actor for nearly two decades and just became comfortable calling myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

A: Women are less likely to be given funding for their business than men. Eff that!