Cameron Oaks Rogers

We're a big fan of Cameron's honesty and authenticity about all things. So much so that we launched a collab with her earlier this year! She's been a supporter of the brand for a long time and really embodies the spirit of Alexa Leigh. She's a mental health champion, community curator and a very relatable mom. If you don't know her yet, you're going to love her!

fun stuff

A: gold!

A: Necklaces! Over bracelets, rings & earrings.

A: "Leave it all on the field" and "it's all temporary"

A: Ice cream always and forever.

A: I struggled with this! I asked a few friends and they said "mama bear" because I'm affectionate, strong and protective.

A: My family.

meaningful q's

A: My children

A: My loyalty and my freckles.

A: I was an extra in "How I Met Your Mother" and the episode was part of a Super Bowl commercial!

A: Raw onions are offensively foul and shouldn’t be included in any salads, sandwiches, burgers, or anything!