Cami Marcus

Just take a look at Cami Marcus's resume and you can see why she should be listed as anyone's Baller of the Month. I've been lucky enough to call her a friend for a long time and while impressed by her long list of credentials, I am equally as impressed by how she's always been smart, kind, strong with her convictions, and passionate about making change. When she opened west~bourne, a mission-driven, zero-waste neighborhood restaurant in SoHo, I was a fast fan. The food was amazing, but so was the way she ran it - making sure all employees knew all parts of the business. She offered her employees benefits, which aren't often available in the food industry. When west~bourne shifted to CPG, selling high quality oils, chocolate, snacks and more, her sustainability efforts followed. All of their packaging is sustainably sourced and compostable; the mission of the company is to send nothing to the landfill... how good is that? She's creative, resilient, and always teaching us on social media how to be better chefs.

fun stuff

A: Gold.

A: Rings. Over bracelets, earrings & necklaces.

A: First optimism, secondly patience, third imagination, and fourthly, courage.

A. Pretty much any kind of pie

A: A dog or lion

A: My family

meaningful q's

A: Maximizing every day to be the fullest it can.

A: My wild optimism.

A: I'm an extreme sports enthusiast. i've been solo sky diving, and my next bucket list is to get my pilot's license.

A: Trust your gut, every single time 100% of the time. don't do anything for anyone else.