Chelsea Hirschhorn

There is likely no one more baller than this baller. She's the queen of all girl bosses, though that term doesn't do her justice. If you're a mom, you're likely already familiar and use her life saving products on the daily. Just google her name to see all she has done! Lucky for me, she's my friend and I get to know her on a whole other level. She is beyond what she's done in business. A mom of four, a great friend, a hostess I can only dream to be like one day, the list goes on. Her business, Frida, is focused on helping make the hardest job in the world (parenting) just a little bit easier. That's a true baller.

fun stuff

A: Gold.

A: Necklaces. Over bracelets, rings & earrings.

A: Nothing is better than the wrong thing.

A. One that is shared with the people you love at the end of the meal. As long as it's chocolate.

A: An Orca - they are born into highly bonded family groups called pods. Females stay with their mothers for their whole life. Males leave to mate, but eventually return with their family. In one pod there can be several generations traveling together. My dream come true!

A: My children and husband - that's five things, but we move as one!

meaningful q's

A: Seeing the impact we've had on women's lives and the conviction that there's more we can do. Being a role model for my children when it comes to bucking traditional expectations of working motherhood.

A: My persistence!

A: I was a cheerleader in high school and I rarely wash my face before bed because I'm too tired - please don't tell my dermatologist sister.

A: Shopping online is overrated.