Sabrina Rudin

Known on Instagram as @springbysabrina, Sabrina Rudin is the founder of Spring Cafe Aspen with locations in both Aspen and NYC. We’ve been loving the recent content she’s been posting - all of her sustainable swaps are easy to implement and her food always looks delicious!

fun stuff

A: gold!

A: Necklaces! Over bracelets, rings & earrings.

Keep on keeping on.

A: Is this a trick question? Key Lime Pie! Really just any kind of pie.

A: A dolphin!

A: My family.

meaningful q's

A: My kids and wanting to clean up the world for them.

A: My determination and my unwillingness to give up. It's also my achilles heel.

A: I think most people don't know that I'm a singer/songwriter and for a long time I thought that's what my life would revolve around, lately I've been wanting to devote more time to songwriting again and maybe put together a little show.

A: Don't ever make yourself small to fit in to something. You don't need to sacrifice your own feelings in order to make someone else feel good about themselves, and if you can't be exactly who you are around people and voice your opinions, follow your intuition and DO YOU, then they aren't your people and it isn't a situation you need to fit into. There's no glory in doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable just to make the people around you feel comfortable, I promise!