Zara Tisch

You know the saying, "stay close to people that feel like sunshine"? Well, that's Zara. She's sunshine and rainbow sprinkles. We met through a moms group she started (something I didn't even know I needed) and when I walked through her door for that first mommy and me class, she hugged me like a long lost friend! It was unnerving, surprising, and wonderful! I love that her message and brand has always been consistent. She wants to be bright, fun and spread joy. Something I think the world could use more of. So happy to have Zara as our baller of the month.

fun stuff

A: Gold.

A: Earrings. Over bracelets, rings & necklaces.

Make good choices.

A. Cake.

A: Elephant.

A: TV.

meaningful q's

A: Cake.

A: I'm pretty patient.

A: I was in the LFO "Summer Girl" music video.

A: I never plan to tell my children that the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are not real.